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Sophisticated centrifuge?

TEHRAN — Iran’s president has thrown a new wrinkle into the nuclear debate by claiming his country is testing a more sophisticated type of centrifuge for enriching uranium — a device that could be used to more speedily create fuel for either power plants or for atomic weapons.

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Siniora heads to US seeking Bush backing

BEIRUT (AP) — Prime Minister Fuad Siniora headed to Washington on Monday for a meeting with US President George W. Bush where he was expected to seek American political and economic support for Lebanon’s efforts to extend its authority over all Lebanese territory and revive the war-shattered economy.

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Haniyeh calls for unity amid tension

Iran announces $50m aidGAZA CITY (AP) — The Hamas-led Palestinian government on Sunday renewed calls for a “national unity” coalition with rival factions in a bid to stave off rising tensions between the groups that have severely weakened the new Islamic leadership.

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