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Russian Mafia Threatens Western Millionaires

Ex wife to New York tycoon Donald, Czech born Ivana Trump is on high alert after receiving death and kidnapping threats from the Russian Mafia, prompting her and daughter Ivanka to be accompanied by bodyguards wherever they travel.  The Trump entourage recently attended a party in St Tropez, France, with …

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Two Russian Puppets Terminated in Ingushetia

On the night from August 19 to August 20, the houses of two  puppet policemen were attacked in village Alkhasty in the Russian-occupied Muslem Caucasian state of Ingushetia. Two munafiqs (apostates) were killed, their houses burnt;  report local Russian proxies. No other details were given.

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CIA spy chief for Venezuela

The United States has named a “manager” for its intelligence operations against Venezuela and Cuba. North Korea and Iran are the only other countries that have been assigned so-called “mission managers”, who supervise intelligence operations against them.

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