New attempts by the Quds Force to stir more violence in Iraq

Recently, there have been a series of high-level meetings of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Crops (IRGC) subordinate the Quds Force commanders in Tehran to find new ways in meddling more easily in Iraq.

The mullahs are very good at covering their tracks by using front associations when it comes to laying the foundation for their deadly interference in the neighboring country. 

According to classified information from a meeting recently held in IRGC central command in eastern Tehran, a man named Saleh Mehdi Al-Moslemavi who is an operative of the Quds Force in Babel Province in Iraq has been given a new assignment. He has been instructed to start a new front association similar to those already running in Palestine and Lebanon by Hezbollah and Hamas.

Al-Moslemavi with an Iranian alias Salem Moslemavi has lived in the holy city of Qom since 1988. He was recruited by the IRGC as a foot soldier and soon was transferred to the Quds force because he was fluent in Arabic. His present I.D. number is 21549 and is on IRGC’s pay roll receiving 1,519,233 Tomans (1,900 dollars) equivalent to that of a colonel in IRGC now. He has a current bank account number 2281 with Sepah Bank in Iran.   

Subsequent to the previous Iraqi government’s down fall, Al-Moslemavi returned to the country and assumed a leadership position in the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution of Iraq (SCIRI) in southern city Babel.
In May 2003, the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei allocated huge sums to SCIRI some of which ended up in Moslemavi’s hands. He spent some of that money to build an Islamic center called Alle-Shami in the central city of Hilla. In the center individuals who are considered talented, by the IRGC standards, have been recruited and dispatched to IRGC training facilities in Tehran and Qom.

In his last trip to the Quds Force headquarters in Tehran, Al-Moslemavi was ordered to set up an office just like the Bonyad Shahid Organization (the giant cartel which is controlling most of Iranian economy was set up by Khomeini and later came under close control of the IRGC).

Long standing meddling in Iraq by the mullahs’ regime is quite known to everyone now. The question is how long more the world is going to sit around and tolerate it?

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