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Zarqawi thumbs nose at US

DUBAI (AFP) — Iraq’s most wanted man Abu Musab Al Zarqawi has thumbed his nose at the Americans, in a message attributed to him on the Internet, and played up the threat of his alliance with Osama Ben Laden. Zarqawi said he was “lightly” wounded but still battling alongside his …

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Hamas to boycott Gaza revote

GAZA (Reuters) — Hamas said on Tuesday it would boycott a rerun of some Palestinian town elections in Gaza, stoking tension with President Mahmoud Abbas Fateh movement that could complicate his agenda for peace-making with Israel. A potential solution surfaced later, when a Fateh leader said it had agreed to …

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Lithuanian Jazz With Chechen Blood As A Right To Life

There is not a more important thing on earth than human rights, of which the right to life is the first one. The importance of this was persuasively demonstrated during the meeting of N.A.T.O. foreign ministers in Vilnius by near 1000 Lithuanian soldiers, policemen and civil-dressed guards with dogs, horseback, …

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